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Best Acid Free Coffee Brands for Sensitive Stomach

While most of us drink coffee to help start our day, some people can’t enjoy their morning cups because of stomach problems. Luckily, the coffee manufacturers realized this problem and started producing acid free coffee, so that now there are much of low acid coffee on the market.

Therefore we’ll review it for you so you can choose the best low sour coffee.

How Acidic Is Coffee?

In fact, other drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and even tomato juice are more acidic than a cup of coffee in terms of acidity. However, coffee is still too harsh for some people with sensitive stomachs.

Coffee contained an acid that combined with the natural relaxing elements of the esophagus. It potentially causes some serious problems including acid reflux.

Acidity is measured using a pH scale ranging from 0 to 14 with 7 being neutral. The pH less than 7 indicates acidity with 0 being very acidic. Conversely, a pH greater than 7 indicates a base with 14 indicates complete bases.

Then, what is the position of coffee on the pH scale? Well, your cup of coffee is around 5 on the pH scale, which means it’s less acidic than orange juice.

Where Does Acidity In Coffee Come From?

If we discuss the source of the acidity of a coffee, of course, you have to know the factors that affect the acidity of a coffee. There are several aspects worth mentioning, including:


It turns out that the altitude of where the coffee is grown has a huge effect. Coffee grown at higher altitudes has a higher acidity than coffee grown at lower altitudes.

This is because coffee grown at higher ground takes longer to ripen. And this means that coffee varieties grown in the lowlands are coffee with low acidity.


Another factor that contributes to the acidity of coffee is the soil in which they are grown. Rich volcanic soils tend to produce coffee with higher acidity.

Processing method

Wet processing methods generally produce coffee with a higher acidity than coffee processed using the dry method. For example, many Brazilian coffee varieties are dry processed, so most of these types have a lower perception of acidity.


The last is the roasting process, which can also affect the flavor. Lighter roasts tend to produce more chlorogenic acid, which can add flavor. Darker roasts produce higher levels of quinic acid, making them bitter and sometimes “harder” to drink.

How Can You Choose Low Acid Coffee?

As we discussed above, apart from processing and roasting factors, some coffee varieties are already low in acid due to their original growing conditions. If you just want low-acid coffee but not completely acid-free, we suggest you choose one of the following:

  • We know that Brazilian coffee is often cultivated in the lowlands and processed using the dry method, so it has low acidity characteristics.
  • As an alternative, you can choose other coffees that come from Mexico and Sumatra which are also low in acidity like the Brazilian coffee.

Over time, some coffee manufactures also deliberately process their coffee in such a way as to reduce the acidity of their products. The process can involve chemical and natural processing to raise the pH level of the coffee to a neutral level.

However, we only managed to find one coffee product that was completely natural and 100% acid free. If you are curious, just take a look at our review below to see for yourself.

Choosing Low Acid and Acid Free Coffees Brands

After understanding the acid and acidity in coffee, now is the time for us to review some coffee brands that are suitable for people with sensitive stomachs. In the market, there are many coffee brands, but we have to choose low acid coffee or even acid free coffee to make it comfortable to consume. Then, which brands can we choose? Here’s a review for your reference:

Best Low-acid Coffee

Unlike the case with acid-free coffee, when you want low-acid coffee you will find many brands on the market. therefore we have tried to narrow down your choices to make it easier. This is a summary of the best low-acid coffee in our opinion after looking at references from various sources.

LifeBoost Medium Roast Coffee

Lifeboost Medium Roast Low Acid Coffee

LifeBoost is a producer of high quality low-acid coffee that is 100% organic. They have several simple product variants that you can choose from. One of the best in our opinion is the Roast Medium variant. This coffee is free of additives, free of pesticides and free of mycotoxins.

The only drawback of this LifeBoost coffee is that it is more expensive compared to other low sour coffees on the market. However, if budget isn’t an issue for you, then this is the best low-acid coffee for you.

Puroast Coffee, House Blend Low Acid Coffee

puroast the low acid coffee

This next coffee brand dares to claim that their coffee is 70% lower in acid than other coffees. Not without reason, in this case they have some data to support it.

At first people only said that this coffee is good on the stomach. We would venture to speculate that the secret to this low acid coffee is the origin of the coffee beans and how they are roasted.

The source of their coffee beans is Venezuelan Coffee which is known to have a soft profile and low acidity like coffee from the Caribbean island.
In addition, Venezuelan coffee is unique in that the region only produces less than 1% of the world’s coffee plants.

Then they roast the beans like local farmers do, without rushing and paying attention to every detail. The result is a medium coffee bean mixing with a few darker beans. Maybe that’s how they balance acidity and sour taste.

Lucy Jo’s Coffee, Organic Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend

Lucy Jo’s Coffee Roastery is the name of a family-run coffee roaster located in New York. They use 100% Organic Arabica Beans from Indonesia and Brazil and roast them in small quantities by hand to create the optimal flavor for this soil mixture.

This is a Certified Organic low acid coffee blend as they use naturally low acid coffee beans. The slow roasting process results in delicious coffee with a smooth, sweet finish that is comfortable for your stomach.

Mommee Coffee Half Caff Organic Coffee

half caf mommee low acid coffee

The marketing target of Mommee Coffee is women in all stages of childbearing. Because when women are pregnant and breastfeeding, women are advised to limit caffeine because the stomach can be more sensitive.

Mommee Coffee was designed by a pregnant woman to fill a void in the coffee market. They use coffee beans that have been tested to have acid levels five times lower than regular coffee. Coffee is also very low in chlorogenic acid, which commonly causes acid reflux.

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee

Another low acid coffee product is Tieman Fusion Coffee. They offer a special blend of Matcha Green Tea, Rooibos Red Tea, and Goji berry powder.

For the record, they use 100% Arabica beans from Guatemala and Ecuador to mix this low-acid coffee, and then they roast it optimally to produce a low-acid drink.

Tieman Fusion Coffee claims to provide anti-oxidant protection. It also calms the stomach and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

Best Acid-free Coffee

When it comes to acid free coffee, then the only one we can recommend is Tylers Coffees®. They are the WORLD’S FIRST non-acid coffee producer and unrivaled until now. Their product variants are broadly divided into regular and decaf. They also come in pods, but we recommend that you choose the whole bean version or ground coffee if you don’t have a coffee machine or are on the go.

Tylers Acid-Free Coffee, Decaffeinated Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Tylers acid free whole bean coffee

Tyler’s Coffee has more than 16 years of experience since its founding in 2004 by Tyler Ornstein. To create acid-free coffee, they use 100% single-bean Arabica from Chiapas in Mexico which is all organic.

The decaffeination process is completely natural, resulting in a flavorful and unique coffee experience. Tyler’s is very proud to say that this is a doctor’s recommendation for those who think they shouldn’t drink coffee anymore (due to its acidity)!

Tylers Acid-Free Coffee, Regular Organic Ground Coffee

Tylers acid free organic ground coffee


Until now, Tylers Coffee is the only coffee that is completely acid-free on the market. Therefore they proudly declare that they are the first and of course you will have a hard time finding anyone who can refute this lofty claim.

Even though Tylers Coffee’s dominance is unmatched in the acid free coffee market, they are still focused on maintaining quality. Their “Z-Roasting” process removes the natural acidity of the coffee beans. So that beans that have undergone this process are completely safe for the human body.

The taste of this coffee is indeed softer than regular coffee or low-acid coffee brands. This is a consequence when you want acid-free coffee.

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