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Cool Coffee Accessories for Your Private Bar

For caffeine lovers, having a private corner to make and enjoy their favorite beverage is only natural. Often, it is completed by what they call ‘coffee accessories’ to affect the pleasure of sipping greatly.

If you are one of the people mentioned above, allow us to share the list of must-have coffee accessories for your private bar. Do not say that the corner of yours is perfect before scanning our recommended items first.

All of them could be found online in plenty of coffee accessories store. Be sure to check their availability and shipment procedure to your country before buying. Now, let us proceed to the list below!

Coffee Maker Mat – Burlap Placemat

Coffee Accessories - Coffee Maker Mat

Burlap placemats with a coffee-related message will be prepossessing accessories under a coffee machine on your bar table. The material matches in nearly all decorating concepts: country farmhouse, rustic contemporary, shabby cottage chic and western ranch.

Before use, it should be hand-washed using soap in warm water. Do not put steaming mugs on top of it. In case the mat is stained from the coffee drip, rinse under flowing water tap, dry lay flat, and iron if needed.

Coffee Spoon Rest

Coffee Table Accessories - Coffee Spoon Rest

A stirring spoon with rest is something cute you should consider having. It is too unfortunate to toss the stirrer to a dishwasher only after a single-use. By having this set, you could reuse the tool for your second cup.

Pick ones made of ceramic and stainless steel for scratch-less, scuff-less, and durable wares. They could be lovely coffee accessories for the kitchen, too.

Ninja Coffee Bar Accessories: Ninja Plastic Traveler with Straw

Ninja Coffee Bar Accessories with Straw

Now, for your last series of coffee accessories, here are ninja coffee bar accessories a product form Ninja called Plastic Traveler with Straw. It completes your coffee bar if you carry a concept with this popular brand.

Though made of plastic, it is BPA-free which also safe in dishwasher and microwave. Therefore, it is, of course, reusable. A set of this traveler includes a lid of where you could both take a sip directly and through a straw, not to mention a kit for cleaning.

It covers a double-walled plastic design to fit both iced and hot single-serve coffee. Thus, it keeps your initial beverage temperature longer for up to 45 minutes.

Coffee Accessories for Kitchen: Metal Containers with Lids

Coffee Accessories - Metal Container

Set up your bar with these containers with lids made of metal. The varying sizes just indicate the amount of each substance you should have as daily intake: coffee is the most, sugar is the least, and tea is in between.

Coffee Table Accessories: Quirky Sugar Bowl

Coffee Accessories - Sugar Bowl

Sugar bowls come in limitless designs and styles. Do not choose the ordinary ones while you are on it. Instead, have something extraordinary as this vintage doorknob inspired made of ceramic and make the coffee bar of yours looks stylish.

Coffee Bar Accessories: Wall Decorative Signs

Coffee Accessories - Wall Decorative

The bare wall at your bar is so unlikely when there are so many decorative signs at the market. These artworks will perk up your sacred time of coffee-sipping if you know which one to choose. The recommended ones are made from tinplate with vintage style. Why is it so?

It is because tinplate is environmentally friendly, thus benefit the ecology system. Besides, these signs make an enticing home decoration as well as coffee accessories in your bar.

Coffee Bar Accessories: Cubby Wall Shelf

It is said to complete an entryway, hall, or even office, but try to imagine this cubby shelf hung above your coffee bar. With four storage cubs, it will be more than enough to house all of the wares needed to make the favorite caffeine beverage.

Bag of coffee beans, cups, saucers, stirrers, and other knick-knacks will be unharmed there. Furthermore, it helps in saving any precious counter space.

Coffee Accessories Gift: Scented Soy Candle

If you love the smell of freshly brewed coffee but realize it is impossible to brew ones never-endingly just to have the scent, this scented candle in Mason jar is a must-have item! The product comes in varying sizes, from 4 to 16 oz, to suit ones’ needs.

The information says to burn the candle for 3–4 hours per time. That means such a pleasing smell will linger in the air during the period. Furthermore, these could be some thoughtful coffee accessories gifts.

Book Stack Décor

Have you ever tried to stack some books and make a nice farmhouse decoration? If that has never happened in your life, try now. The set is customizable, from the written message to the font type to the final touch of the package.

No two books are claimed to be the same because every one of them is different, thus unique. They will perfectly decorate your coffee bar.

Coffee Stirrers

This set of four stirrers are made of glass and colored in such a way resembling granite stone. You could have an elegant coffee time using this to stir your cup of caffeine. No one could disagree that it adds color to the bar. Besides, it is a hundred percent better than the disposable ones.

Coffee Bar Accessories: Bar Coasters

Come in a set of four, these bar coasters would make a nice table décor and suitable for coffee bar accessories.

It is designed with a cushioned cork base that can keep your table surfaces and bar counter safe from any scratches. Though plastic mostly builds it, the designer only uses the eco-friendly one with biodegradable traits.

Coffee Bar Accessories: Wooden Tray

If the coffee bar of yours carries a concept of shabby chic, this wooden tray would decoratively fit it.

Involving wood material and paints of chalk and acrylic types, you can have it customized with the message and color of your preference.

Crafted in varying sizes from 32x22x5.5 cm to 50x30x6 cm, this tray would suit your needs.

Reusable Cup Sleeve

It could happen when ones are too busy to sip their coffee leisurely in certain mornings and want to bring it with them instead. Do not need to feel the scorching disposable cup anymore since this environmentally friendly cup holder exists.

This kind of cup sleeve is designed to fit any standard-sized to-go cups with actual soft leather and metal snaps. Moreover, since it is foldable, you can fold it right after every use and put it in your pocket to bring back home.

Stoneware Coffee Mug

Here come other cool coffee accessories. Packaged in a set of three, you could use them all together with mountain-lovers fellows or family members. They are the perfect container for hot tempting caffeine.

Go for these ceramic hand-painted mugs if you prefer to have unique stuff at your private bar, as no two items will be identically the same. Made from the highest-quality earthenware clay, these colorful vessels are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Cup Warmer

This knitted cup warmer fits all medium-sized coffee cups for the drinkers who like to enjoy their beverage warm but do not want to touch the steaming mug. If you are one of them, be sure to have it as a cozy grab in every sip is guaranteed.

Made of an acrylic yard with textured stitches, it functions naturally in keeping the heat and ensnaring the air in its fibers, ensures your coffee would not get cold within the first two minutes. Involving a natural wooden button as the clasp, it is very cute, is not it?

Coffee Table Accessories: Pod Carousel

Store your coffee stock niftily with this rotatable carousel that can hold up to 35 pods. It makes up the countertop and becomes handy in those hectic weekday mornings.

You will experience no more trouble in searching for your favorite pods since they are ready to reach atop the bar table. Just rotate and the first stage of making a cup of coffee is already completed.

Coffee Table Accessories: Accessories Holder

There are times when you want your often-used items are within reach without the complicated procedure to go through the cabinetry.

This environmentally friendly serveware made of bamboo could help you do it. Just place it on top of the countertop, store the coffee accessories there and they are good to use.

Coffee Table Accessories: Stoneware Pour-Over Coffee

If you are a fan of pour-over coffees, this stoneware set will be lovely to have. Consists of filter cups and complimentary mugs, it can make every coffee-sipping ritual of yours more memorable.

Coffee Cab

It is like a tray but not serve as a serveware. Instead, it eases you to move your coffeemaker without lifting it or even scratching the countertop or table surface. When it is coffee-making time, slide over the maker to ease the job of stuffing, brewing, and pouring.

With it, you can leave no traces after making a cup of coffee. Besides coffeemaker, any small appliances, such as blenders and toasters, could also fit to stand above this cab.

Mini K-Cup Drawer

We have this convenient drawer as your coffee accessories. It is in the form of a pullout rack, which fits up to 24 pods. Though it comes in a compact design, the top part could hold small gear less than 40 pounds or approximately around 18 kilograms.

With its understated metal frame finished and wire mesh construction, it would be perfect to be in your contemporary and classic kitchen.

Well, that wraps the list of cool coffee accessories for your private bar. Some function as accentuated decorations while several others directly involved in the sacred sipping ritual. Be sure to choose ones that go well with the whole scale concept, dear caffeine lovers!

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