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Affogato Shot: How to Order at Starbucks?

Starbucks introduced the affogato style drink modification, which involves pouring a shot of espresso over your coffee. The affogato shot typically goes well with a Frappuccino, but it can also be ordered with a different drink.

Adding liqueur, ice cream, or a liqueur like amaretto is a traditional addition to affogato. If you are unsure of how to order an affogato, here are some suggestions.


The affogato shot style drink is a modification of a Frappuccino that features a shot of espresso poured over the drink. This type of beverage is typically recommended, but not required.

It is possible to add liqueur and ice cream to make it more reminiscent of an Italian dessert. The most traditional version of the affogato has amaretto liqueur.

The coffee used for an affogato shot must be brewed with an espresso machine or Moka pot. When preparing the shot, the espresso should sit to the side, while the ice cream should be placed in a bowl and poured over it.

Vanilla ice cream is used, but you can use any flavor you prefer. Some people use commercial espresso cups, while others use a Moka pot.

Affogato Shot Origin

affogato shot origin
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The affogato shot is an espresso drink that is typically made with a single shot of espresso poured on top of a drink. While this is standard in most Starbucks locations, it can be customized by adding liqueur, ice cream, or even a shot of Baileys.

This popular espresso drink has no official Starbucks recipe, and is often made by customers. The Starbucks version of the affogato shot is a little richer than a regular shot.

While the origin of the affogato remains unclear, its popularity continues to increase. Starbucks has been selling the beverage for almost a decade now. Starbucks has even started making their own version of it, which can be found in many locations around the world.

In addition to using a Moka pot, a filter coffee maker, or even a capsule machine are all available. Depending on the taste and texture of the ice cream, affogatos are sometimes made with a different type of ice cream.

Affogato Shot Caffeine content

affogato shot caffeine content
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While you may think that your affogato is an ordinary cup of coffee, the espresso-based drink actually contains a lot of caffeine. It contains the same amount of caffeine as a typical Frappuccino but has a different, more appealing taste.

This unique combination of coffee and ice cream gives this drink a special place in the sweets world. While you’re at it, you might also want to try an affogato, a coffee-infused dessert.

An affogato shot from Starbucks contains roughly 60 to 75 milligrams of caffeine per serving. The amount varies depending on the espresso roast and the base drink.

The caffeine content of an affogato shot from a starbucks coffee shop depends on the type of espresso that you’re getting and the amount of ice cream you’re eating.

Depending on the base drink and how it’s prepared, you may get anywhere from 65 to 85 milligrams of caffeine per serving.

Affogato Shot Calories

affogato shot callories
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Affogato shot is a great way to enjoy your frappuccino while staying within your calorie limit. You can order it with vanilla, caramel or mocha flavorings. The calories in an affogato shot are approximately 150 calories.

Starbucks offers many other dessert drinks and affogato shots are no exception. But before you rush out and grab an affogato, make sure you check the nutritional information before ordering.

There are several versions of an affogato shot available at Starbucks. The Classic Affogato is four ounces and contains 170 calories. This version of the famous Italian drink is flavored with two shots of Paradeisi espresso, which has a rich caramel flavor with citrus undertones.

Another version, the House Affogato, contains demerara syrup for an extra kick. The Shakerato Affogato, meanwhile, has 180 calories and is made by shaking the drink with ice. Vanilla syrup is then added.

Affogato Shot Recipe

affogato shot recipe
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Affogato shots at Starbucks contain espresso, not the long-drink version or ristretto. They are made with a shot of espresso over a cold drink, usually, a Frappuccino, to add an extra kick.

The espresso is poured over whipped cream and served with a chocolate garnish. While not offered in Starbucks permanently, this drink is available seasonally.

First, make an espresso. Use an espresso machine or a Moka pot if you do not have one. Make sure your coffee is strong and concentrated. Next, add your ice cream to a large bowl. Ideally, it should be vanilla, but you can use any ice cream flavor.

You can also use a shot glass or other coffee mugs for commercial purposes. If you are not a coffee lover, try making your own version using a reusable cup or a mug.

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