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Best Espresso Coffee Beans You Should To Know

Espresso is a shot of concentrated coffee, made from coffee beans that are more longer roasted, ground more finely, and then brewed in an espresso machine or AeroPress. This drink is the form of the purest and best form of caffeine. It can provide many benefits, from a morning boost to your perfect afternoon.

Choosing the right espresso beans really affects the taste, therefore choosing a wide variety of coffee beans will be more attractive than choosing a delicious espresso machine.

Through this article, we will help you choose the espresso beans that suit your expectations. For more simply, we’ve compiled a list of 10 types of coffee beans that are ideal for espresso. They rank is the best in terms of flavor profile, best crema, and density.

Are Espresso Beans And Coffee Beans The Same? 

From the definition of espresso shows us that there are major differences between espresso and regular coffee beans. The difference isn’t actually the bean itself but on the roasting and the brewing process.

The Differences Between Espresso Beans And Coffee Beans

Regular beans won’t work for espresso, as they may not produce the kind of drink you expect. Therefore you must know the difference between regular coffee beans and coffee beans to make espresso. The differences include the following aspects:


Coffee beans refer to common beans that roasted and readied for brewing. In general, there are three roasting levels used in coffee roasting. You can choose one based on your need and your taste.

  • Light-roast: produces beans that do not have an oily seen, usually used for non-pressure brew styles, such as pour coffee or cold brew coffee.
  • Medium-roast: produces beans that suit a variety of brewing styles.
  • Dark-roast: produces beans with a shiny and oily surface. the color is also prominent, which is dark brown.

Light roasts are usually used to produce white coffee, while medium roasts are usually used for drip coffee. Espresso beans usually fall into the dark roast category that roasts longer than the beans used for drip coffee.

This roasting stage reduces the acidity of the beans while releasing natural oils and making the body of the bean fuller.

This emulsification of the oil on the espresso beans is shown to be helpful in producing what is called an espresso crema.

coffee beans vs espresso beans


The espresso grind is the most refined of all the coffee grind. This is because the espresso brewing process requires very fine coffee grounds.

The hot, high-pressure water flows through the coffee grounds when the brewing process is very fast. Then a very fine grind is needed for the espresso to brew perfectly.

Because of its fine, espresso powder is a favorite choice for skincare therapy.


To brew a regular cup of coffee you can use an ordinary coffee pot and an ordinary method such as French press, Percolator, or Drip.

On the other hand, Authentic espresso cannot be made in a regular coffee pot, It requires a certain type of brewing process which provides the high pressure of the extraction process.

To brew Espresso requires an espresso machine or at least an AeroPress. Typically, the brewing process produces one or two (1-2oz) of a concentrated espresso.

Even though making Espresso requires skill and the right tools, you can still start learning how to make espresso at home.


Espresso has a unique taste compared to regular coffee, this is because the espresso processing is different from the others. Starting from roasting, grinding, and brewing techniques, everything is completely different.

The resulting taste has a stronger character, is less of acidity, and feels fuller in the mouth. The taste “stronger” means it has a very rich coffee flavor. The long roasting process creates more oil in the espresso beans, so they often feel heavier.

The Best Espresso Coffee Beans

Making an authentic cup of espresso is more than just throwing coffee grounds and hot water into an espresso machine. There are a few quick rundowns of why you should use the right coffee beans to make the perfect espresso:

The espresso will give you good consistency, body, and flavor always the way you want them to be in your shot.

They are capable of producing a rich crema, which is what improves the overall quality of the drink.

Maybe regular coffee beans are fine for a variety of brewing methods, but only espresso beans work best with the high-pressure method.

Then which are the best espresso beans for you to know, here we have collected 10 of the best espresso beans that you deserve to try

1.Koffee Kult – Dark Roast Coffee Beans   


espresso coffee beans

Koffee Kult Dark Roast is made by a company in Hollywood. This product can be called one of the best products of all. Why? The reason is, the drink’s unique recipe is kept secret and not disclosed.

This product is made entirely of Arabica that origin from Colombia, Guatemala, and Indonesia. The entire process from harvesting to finishing is done by hand to minimize the loss of valuable odors, properties, and tastes.

These beans are suitable for making the strongest espresso with great taste.

2. Lavazza – Super Crema Espresso   

lavazza super crema espresso coffee beans

The Lavazza company is currently the best espresso coffee producer in the coffee market. The company has over 120 years of experience making the best coffee for espresso on the market.

Espresso Lavazza for crema is harvested from 2 varieties of coffee. They are Arabica who came from India, Colombia, and Brazil then Robusta who came from Vietnam and Indonesia.

The taste of these beans has a soft character with a taste of almonds, dried fruit, and honey. Therefore, these become a favorite of most people.

3. Kicking Horse Coffee – Cliff Hanger Espresso 

The Cliff Hanger Espresso from Kicking Horse Coffee is made by a company in the Canadian Rockies. The beans used come from Africa, Indonesia, Central, and South America.

This product stands out from the rest for its versatility. These coffee beans work great in an espresso machine and also work well with a variety of other brewing methods. You can roll it with cold brew, French press, or even a drip machine.

These are medium roast coffee that reflects the taste of berries along with a strong cocoa finish.

4. Coffee Bean Direct – Direct Italian Roast Espresso  

espresso coffee beans direct

This product offers a distinctive blend of Italian roasted coffee beans originating from South America and India.

The company is known for producing heavy, full-bodied roasted coffee. These gourmet beans feature a toasty, honeyed aroma with notes of chocolate and smoky molasses.

5. Cafe Don Pablo – Classic Italian Espresso


This Classic Italian Roast uses only Arabica beans that origin from Sumatra and Colombia. Cafe Don Pablo combining the flavor of this both coffee until resulting in-depth, complex flavor that rich but without overpowering.

This company pioneering a roasting technique that can remove almost all bitterness from these beans. Another superiority of these beans is its versatility, these beans are work well with a drip machine or french press.

6. Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Hair Bender

Hair Bender coffee beans are a blend of coffees originating from Indonesia, South America, and Africa. These are dark roasts coffee with a crisp finish and rich textures. Citrus and dark chocolate elements also contribute to predominate a blend of tart and bitter that lovely balance.

7. Peets Coffee – Arabian Mocha Sanani

Peets Coffee Arabian Mocha Sanani espresso beans

Alfred Peets coffee bar offers a limited edition espresso variant, the Arabian Mocha Sanani. The roasting only takes place after your order and will be dispatched within four hours of the baking process.

The name “Mocha” itself refers to the name of a port city on the Red Sea. Arabian Mocha Sanani is a small batch of dark roasted Arabica beans that are origin from Arabia and Africa.

They offer a unique experience in espresso with a cocoa and chocolate aroma in the aroma and palate. These are the characteristics of the coffee from this area.

They also work well for a variety of brewing methods. These dark roast beans is ideal for espresso, French press, Moka pot, or as a coffee pourer.

7. Illy – Arabian Selection Etiopia


This espresso bean is a product of Illy Caffe, one of the best coffee producers for espresso in Italy. This is a selection of the single-origin coffee from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia, a place considered to be the birthplace of coffee.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe belonged to the best because of its uniqueness. They have bright fruity and floral aromas (blueberry, orange, jasmine). These beans are 100% arabica roasted in individual time and temperature for every single-origin coffee.

8. Espresso Coffee Beans: Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee


blue horse kona coffee is one of best espresso coffee beans

These single-origin espresso beans are made from Kona beans picked straight from the family’s farm in the Kona region of Hawaii.

Although they are not certified organic, they do not use herbicides and pesticides at all. These beans will provide a homey sweetness with a hint of almond and vanilla plus some spicy afternote, a hallmark of Kona coffee.

9. JO Espresso – Medium Dark Roast

JO espresso is one of best coffee beans for espresso


The next best medium-dark roast is JO Espresso. This is a product of JO company which is also a member of the prestigious SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). Please note that JO only buys the best 2% of all Arabica beans to ensure that you get the best coffee to serve in your morning. These beans have heavy and dark chocolate that resulting in a rich crema.

10. Espresso Coffee Beans: Death Wish Coffee


death wish coffee is one of best espresso coffee beans

The unique blend of Arabica and Robusta and twice the caffeine content of regular coffee makes Death Wish Coffee self-proclaimed the strongest coffee in the world.

It’s a smooth, dark coffee with a hint of chocolate and a hint of cherry. Dark roasts produce a bold flavor without leaving a trace of bitterness or aftertaste.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Espresso Coffee Beans

Indeed, Choosing the best espresso beans to buy can be quite confusing even though we have reviewed the best espresso beans. This also happens even to the most experienced coffee lovers.

There are several factors that you must pay attention to and consider before buying. For that, through this article, we also provide a guide to buying coffee beans that you will definitely admire.


The coffee community generally agrees that the date of the roast is indicated the freshness. The closer to the roast date, the fresher the coffee beans will be.

So if you have to choose between coffee sourced last month versus one sourced last week, always go for the latter. Because fresh coffee gives a very distinctive and amazing taste that you will definitely love.

Don’t buy coffee beans that don’t have a clear ‘roast date’ on the package. Technically, the roasted coffee starts to ‘stale’ due to oxidation, the longer it will get worse and lose its freshness.


How long your coffee freshness lasts after roasting also depends on the packaging. There are various packaging techniques used to help preserve coffee beans.

One of them is a triple foil which prevents oxidation of the beans. This is leak-proof packaging and is a common packaging we find at your local grocery store.

Always check what materials and technology have been used to pack your beans.

We can see all information about the brand, roasting date, source, taste (etc.) on the packaging. Poor packaging means the questionable freshness of the product.

The Roast Type

Before you decide to buy, pay attention to the type of roasting of the beans, whether the coffee is light-roast, medium, or dark roast.

To make espresso make sure you choose dark roast (espresso roast) because only this type is suit for espresso machines. The other two are great for non-pressure brewing styles.

Origin Selection

We can see the origin of the coffee on the coffee label. As we all know coffee is an agricultural product with careful and limited processing. This means temperature, climate, growing conditions, etc. at its origin it can affect the taste of your coffee.

Single Origin Or Blends

If you want the strongest, classy, ​​and most memorable espresso drink in your life then go for single-origin coffee. Blends are actually great too, but they usually double up for milk-based brews as well.

Both are equally good, and it usually depends on your personal taste.

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