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Know These Different Types of Coffee and Sip like a Master

Caffeine has been everybody’s favorite since forever, yet only a few could understand the difference between the simple espresso and black one, for example. Here, you are about to read on types of coffee and the makers.

Enjoy this article and sip your morning drink like a master afterward.

Different Types of Coffee Beans

Arabica and Robusta are the top two types of coffee beans produced, sold, and consumed all over the world. Their difference lies within the taste and typical usage.


Types of Coffee Arabica

Arabica beans are the most well-known types no one could argue. People commonly use them to make a drink-straight black due to its sweeter taste. Besides sweet, it also has more complex flavoring. However, the caffeine level contained within is less than in Robusta.


Types of Coffee Beans Robusta

Compared to Arabica, Robusta types of coffee beans have a stronger taste and cheaper price. People usually use it to be in the mix of instant coffee and espresso due to its bitter flavor. The high content of caffeine contained could open your eyes wide on those lagging Monday mornings.

Different Types of Coffee Drinks

Different Types of Coffee Drinks

There are varieties of coffee drinks people can make, order, or consume. A handful of beans fascinatingly could create all of them with a certain amount of dose per serving.

Not to mention, people mix several of them using additional ingredients, such as steamed milk, flavor shots, cocoa powder, and others. The following list includes types of coffee drinks commonly consumed by caffeine lovers.


Types of Coffee Drinks Black Coffee

When ones soak beans in hot water and serve a cup of it warmly, they get black coffee as a result, a simple caffeine beverage no one can resist. Café noir is what we could refer to these types of coffee.


Types of Coffee Drinks Espresso

It is safe to say that espresso is the ‘broodstock’ of caffeinated drinks since from a shot of it or two, you can make different types of coffee flavors, such as macchiato and latte.
Alternatively, you can enjoy a cup of espresso shot solely.


Types of Coffee Drinks Latte

Belongs to the most popular category, latte is a beverage got from an espresso shot and steamed milk topped with a little bit of foam.

You can enjoy these types of coffee in cups as they are or get them added with a shot of any additional flavor, such as vanilla, caramel, mocha, pumpkin spice, hazelnut, coconut, and even lavender. It is fascinating, is not it?


Types of Coffee Drinks Cappuccino

Modify latte recipe, make it has more foam than the steamed milk, and you will get a cappuccino. A cup of this beverage often served with a pinch of cinnamon or cocoa powder on top.

Some baristas create this sweet caffeine drink using cream to replace steamed milk or add a shot of additional flavor they use to make a latte.


Tasted similarly as black, Americano is one of those types of coffee drinks that need a shot of espresso in the mix. Hot water then dilutes it and makes a beverage that often ordered by most characters in Korean dramas.

A bonus tip from professionals for you:

pour the espresso shot into the cup first and fill it with hot water then.


Macchiato is another drink that based on the espresso shot. A touch of foam then given on top of it. It is amusing how you can play with the number of ingredients between types of coffee drinks and name them differently, right?


Mocha is the happy vibe found by chocolate lovers in amidst of a beverage menu list since it needs the sweet bar to make a serving. A shot of espresso, steamed milk, and foam are also joined to create a one-of-a-kind coffee drink.


What does happen when you enjoy an ice cream scoop atop a cup of caffeine beverage? Yes, an affogato happens! It needs an espresso shot or two here as well. Usually, a portion of it comes with a piece of brownie.

Café au Lait

By adding a little amount of warm milk into a cup of coffee, you can get café au lait then. It is perfect for ones who crave only a slight more flavoring in their morning drinks.

Cold Brew

Cold-brew belongs to the types of cold coffee, but it is the most up to date one. You can get it served by soaking the beans beforehand for at least 6 hours up to the longest 36 hours. The steeping time length decides the strength a cup of it tastes; the longer, the stronger.

Once the coffee beans are soaked, add cream or cold milk in to complete a portion of it.

Iced Espresso

People name iced espresso after a shot of the said beverage with ice added into it. You can drink it plain or sweeter with the help of cream, milk, or sweetener.
You could also apply this iced drink version to any beverages made with espressos, such as Americano, latte, macchiato, and mocha.

Different Types of Coffee Makers

Types of Coffee Makers

After knowing the difference between types of coffee, now let us get down to the making process. Using special gears, you could serve a cup of them in various methods.

French Press – Manual Types of Coffee Makers

The French press is a manual type of gear that you could use beyond easy. Any coffee beans are okay with it, but most baristas choose richer and darker roasted ones. Enjoy a fancy cup of morning brew of yours by following these steps.

  • Grind a handful of coffee beans and put them into the French press afterward.
  • Decant piping hot water over the ground beans and let them soak for a couple of minutes.
  • Hold down the plunger and pour it into your cup.

Single Serve – Automatic Types of Coffee Makers

Single-serve coffee machines are sold interestingly massive these past years. It might be because it hits the right target market of single-person households or due to its affordable price among similar types of gears.

You could enjoy a cup of morning brew by only fulfilling two steps. First, quantify your desired amount of coffee and pour it into the filter. Add water in and it will be ready in no time.

AeroPress – Manual Types of Coffee Makers

Here is another manual type of coffee machine. An AeroPress works generally similar to our first gear.

  • Push out the plunger of its chamber.
  • Put in the filter to its cap.
  • Rotate the cap of the filter onto the chamber.
  • Position the chamber on a firm mug.
  • Put in some ground coffee beans to the chamber.
  • Level the coffee by shaking the chamber.
  • Pour in water up to a marking of Level 1 on the chamber. You will need 80oC water to brew a hot serve or tap water for cold brewing.
  • Stir around ten seconds for a hot brew or as long as one minute for cold brewing.
  • Put in the plunger and hold down softly. Stop for a second if you feel any resistance and continue holding down until it reaches the ground beans.
  • Take out the filter cap, push the plunger to release the used coffee, and clean the seal.
  • A cup of espresso is ready to serve. You could then sip it straight, as Americano, latte, or even cold brew by adding the proper ingredients.

Drip – Automatic Types of Coffee Makers

This drip caffeine machine is familiar to and loved by many coffee lovers. It is classic and functions electrically. To have a cup of morning brew from this maker, you only have to do these simple things.

Pour a scoop of coffee into the drip’s filter. Add water in, press the start button to let it works wonder, and wait. Not long after that, you will hear a nice sound of dripping liquid into a pot. You could then have mornings under control.

For some machines, a thermal carafe comes in the set also. It functions to keep your coffee fresh and warm longer with its double layers and stainless steel wall.

Pour Over – Manual Types of Coffee Makers

You can make this type of coffee maker works simply by putting in ground beans and pouring hot water over them. Controlling the strength level of your caffeine beverage using this pour-over machine is an easy job. Only, it requires certain filters that priced higher than the usual ones.

Cold Brew

If the cold brew, in your opinion, were the most enjoyable one in the caffeinated beverage category, you would want to invest in the cold-brew maker. Use it as simple as putting in the ground beans, brewing, and serving.

As to the making process of cold brew drink, this maker can keep the coffee stored for as long as 36 hours.


Moka pots function differently from the other coffee machines above. You need to heat its surface on top of direct fire, such as a stove or campfire. Espresso is the only drink it can produce out of its brewing process.

Keep a thorough eye on it when working since you need to take out the pot from above the fire once the water brewed inside is boiling. It is so to avoid your coffee tasted burnt.

There are surely more types of coffee and the makers than meets the eye out there, but you have already known most of them by reading this article. Thus, it is not overstated to say that you have mastered these caffeine things. Well, congratulations!

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